mighty-games-Squidmar: Kolinsky Miniature Paintbrush - Individual
  • mighty-games-Squidmar: Kolinsky Miniature Paintbrush - Individual

Squidmar: Kolinsky Miniature Paintbrush - Individual

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In Squidmar Miniatures paintbrushes, the insight of accomplished painters, impeccable production quality, luxurious aesthetics and the finest Kolinsky Sable are all brought together to create an experience which combines style, comfort and practicality in equal measure.

Size available : S, M

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Our brushes feature a wide body (AKA the “belly”) while maintaining a sharp point. This allows a Squidmar Miniatures brush to hold more paint in its bristles without losing its point, and lends it the stability and elasticity needed to make the brush feel properly responsive to your movements. Additionally, this design allows you to use a larger brush than you might have normally to accomplish even finer details! The Tobolski Kolinsky hair is compared to Synthetics well rounded and great at keeping its original shape. Giving you a longer working time during paint jobs and lasts you longer keeping the tip pristine even after working on big projects for longer times.

Not only are the brushes wider, so are the handles! They are designed for comfort and ergonomics, adapted to the anatomy of the human hand. The handles of Squidmar Miniatures brushes are therefore thicker and slightly triangular. This allows the brush to rest naturally in your hand, which lets you relax and focus on painting without risking the dreaded “painter’s cramp”. Oh, and did we mention the fancy gold ferrule? We thought it’d look cooler that way.

Our brushes ship in a sleek cylindrical storage case. The bottom of the case is lined with a dense storage foam to stick the brushes into. This allows a Squidmar Miniatures brush to rest standing up, and avoids having any pressure placed on the bristles themselves. An open storage case additionally serves as a handy paintbrush stand while sitting at your workstation, your entire collection standing at attention! Handy, right?

More info on the project : Squidmar: Kolinsky Miniature Paintbrush by Squidmar Miniatures — Kickstarter

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