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Main Features Pursue victory with a powerful Ogor Icebrow Hunter and his colorful companions Give any band the potential of new Universal cards Add the band to your army of Ogor Mawtribes for Warhammer Age of Sigmar thanks to downloadable unit charters free Learn morea

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Khagra the Usurpatrice and his band of Dark Slaves consider Direchasm the place where their glorious coronation will take place, while they will draw the attention of the Dark Gods to them. They seek to enslave the mountain to Chaos by desecrating the least of its caves through witchcraft and sacrifice. It was Zarshia, Khagra's sister, who led the band into Beastgrave, but the group found themselves stuck in a hungry room. Khagra blocked the approaching floor and ceiling with his shield and made an opening in the rocky gullet. Since then, Cragan and Razek have deferd to Khagra, but Zarshia has not given up on his ambitions and is waiting for the right moment to betray his sister.

Take the living mountain in the name of the Dark Gods with the Khagra Ravagers. Strong and enduring, they have a witchcraft that gives you more than one way to desecrate Direchasm. Precisely, their unprecedented ability to Profanation prevents opposing bands from taking advantage of the objectives. What's more, this box contains universal maps for all Warhammer Underworlds bands, and a downloadable unit charter even allows you to include Khagra's Ravagers in your strength from Slavs to Darkness to Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

This box contains:

- 4x Khagra Ravagers figurines to nest - no need for glue to assemble them

- 4x fighting cards to represent each of these warriors at your games - Khagra the Usurpatrice, Zarshia Fiellâme, Razek the Blessed, and Cragan the Taciturn

- 62 more playable cards (available only in this box), to upgrade your fighters and offer new challenges and tactics to your Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm games. They include:

- 12x Khagra Ravagers Goal Cards

- 10x Khagra Ravager Improvement Cards

- 10x Khagra Ravager Subterfuge maps

- 10x Universal Goal Cards for use by all bands

- 10x Universal Improvement Cards for use by all bands

- 8x Universal Maneuver Cards for use by all bands

- 2x Universal Sort Maneuver cards that can be used by all bands including a wizard

- 1x Profanation pawn board

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