mighty-games-Warhammer Underworlds as Direchasm - Counter Set
  • mighty-games-Warhammer Underworlds as Direchasm - Counter Set

FR EN Warhammer Underworlds as Direchasm - Counter Set


Main Features Pursue victory with a powerful Ogor Icebrow Hunter and his colorful companions Give any band the potential of new Universal cards Add the band to your army of Ogor Mawtribes for Warhammer Age of Sigmar thanks to downloadable unit charters free Learn more

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Is there follow-up during your Warhammer Underworlds games? You will no doubt find the marker you need on these two two-sided cardboard boards, which will allow you to manage both the growing hunger of your band and the Eetherquartz of your Lumineth fighters.

This set contains:

4 Eetherquartz markers
3 Amber Markers
9 Tithing markers
9 Profanation markers
1 Bench Marker
18 Hunger Markers 1
8 Hunger Markers 3
4 Hunger Markers 5

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