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Warcry - Flesh-Eater Courts

Main Features Start Your Stormcast Eternals Band For Warcry Have An Assortment Of Skilled Warriors Also Contains Fighter And Skill Cards Plus Pawns For The Band Learn More
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Victims of a terrible ancestral curse, the biting Flesh-eater Courts think they are noble knights, while they are just cannibal monsters who attack the living to satisfy their devouring hunger.

Whether you're on a noble crusade for justice or just looking to eat people in the Eight-points, this box is for you! Designed to simplify the start or development of a diverse Flesh-eater Courts band, it also contains accessories that make it easier to manage games. And as a bonus, it represents a saving compared to the purchase of the figurines it contains taken separately!

This set contains: 10x Crypt Ghouls, tireless prowlers who can defeat any opponent under the weight of numbers - 3x Crypt Flayers or Crypt Horrors, to assemble in the form of such or such brutes of melee - 2x pawn boards designed to facilitate the tracking of injuries, continuous effects, states and others - Fighter cards and abilities describing the rules of your band

Note that you need a copy of Warcry's Basic Book to use this product. The figurines come in 146 plastic components, plus 10 25mm round plinths and 3 50mm round plinths.