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Warcry - Catacombs

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Beneath the surface of the Eight-points stretch huge undergrounds of considerable complexity, bloodied catacombs where the warriors of the Dark Gods clash in skirmishes all the more brutal as they are in a confined place, with the territory, the spoils or simply the favor of their ruthless deities. Of all these vast complexes, one of the most fiercely contested is the infernal forge of the Varanthax Gueule.

Brutal skirmishes. Incredible stories. The darkest depths of the Mortal Kingdoms. All this awaits you in Warcry: Catacombs, a new basic box for the battle game between bands in the Age of Sigmar that gives a new dimension to your games. Choose between two bands and fight furiously, both in one-off clashes and protracted campaigns in which your fighters will grow. Set up tactically rich battlefields in a matter of moments with tray slabs, walkways, doors and other decorative elements. Explore the depths of Chaos through a unique history that lifts a corner of the veil on one of Warhammer's darkest factions.

This massive base box contains:
- Warcry's Basic Book, which discusses the basic rules and context of the game, to teach you how to play and introduce you to the world of the Eight-points
- The Catacombs Supplement, a book that explores the terrifying depths of Varanthrax's Gueule, where you can fight battle underground
- The Scions of the Flame, a band of 8 figurines that uses its powers on fire with spectacular effects on the game table. The band includes: Blazing Lord, Brazen Champion, Inferno Priest, Immolator, 2x Fireborn, and 2x Initiates
- The Khainite Shadowstalkers, a band of 9 figurines that strikes from the shadows in a decisive way. The band includes: Shroud Queen, Slaughtershade, 2x Darkflame Warlocks, and 5x Shroudblades
- An assortment of 37 plastic terrain elements, including 10 dungeon doors, 4 walkways, various objective pawns, stone ruins, and much more!
- A 22" x 30" double-sided folding game board
- Pawns, dice, and all the accessories you need to play!

Whether you're a new player looking to embark on adventures at Warcry or a hardened veteran looking to explore new dimensions of his favorite game, this is the box for you.