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Warcry - 2020 Champions Tome

Main Features Start Your Stormcast Eternals Band For Warcry Have An Assortment Of Skilled Warriors Also Contains Fighter And Skill Cards Plus Pawns For The Band Learn More
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Tome of Champions 2020 is your go-to companion for Warcry, however you prefer to play. From all-new narrative content to equal-play adventures and new free play modes, it's packed with rules and ideas to inspire you. Monstrous melees and incredible quests await you.

You will find:

- Trial of Champions deadly campaign rules - compete in Champion Mode, which increases the difficulty level of all campaigns, with persistent injuries, limited resources and other factors!
- Triumph & Betrayal Arena Battles - Confront three gangs and more in a frenzied bloodbath.
- Explore the mysterious city of Soroth Kor in a whole new style of shared storytelling, with the optional Campaign Master to tie your stories together.
- Extended rules, including an update to the Glory Points rules and the integration of new factions of the Grand Alliance battletomes.
- 8 new Fateful Quests, some of which take place underground.
- 5 new Challenge Battles - plus special rules for ganging up with a rival gang against Wild Fighters.
- 4 new Minor Artifacts - one per Grand Alliance.
- Season 2020/21 Pitched Battles Update - including 6 additional pitched battle plans, Hidden Intentions and Escalation Tournament rules.
- New Wandering Beasts - Creatures of the Savage Caverns and the Unsettled Dead are ready to bring you misery.
- Alternate Ground Rules - try three different ways to easily generate various battlegrounds.

Whether you're looking to spice up your next storytelling campaign, try out new tapes, or enrich your even-game experience, this 112-page softcover book is for you.

A copy of the Warcry and Warcry: Catacombs Rulebook is required to use this expansion.