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Tidewall Droneport

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A dull hum of repellent announces the arrival of a Tidewall Droneport. A veritable mobile bunker for fire caste warriors, it provides excellent cover, bringing fighters into position and serving as bait as part of a Kauyon plan. And these are only ancillary advantages, however, because the droneport's main asset is its arsenal of stowed Drones, which can detach to provide a support shot, designate targets or deploy their integrated shield generators to offer more protection to the T'au who occupy the line of defense. This plastic kit contains all the parts to mount a Tidewall Droneport, mobile bunker of the T'au Empire. This formidable modular décor follows its own rules (included in the box!), and can be linked to other Elements of Tidewall to create imposing mobile fortresses. Contains two clusters of T'au Drone, four Drones, which you can assemble according to the combination of Gun, Marker and Shield variants of your choice.