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mighty-games-Start Collecting! Flesh-eater Courts
  • mighty-games-Start Collecting! Flesh-eater Courts

Start Collecting! Flesh-eater Courts

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Trapped in the ruins of the Mortal Kingdoms, the Flesh-eater Courts prosper. Trapped in a horrible illiil, convinced that their cannibalistic feasts are splendid and grandiose feasts of nobility, these courts of insane are presided over by an evil predator, their Abhorrant Ghoul King. After him, Bitants gnaw at their rotten meat by spitting and growling in a guttural voice. Crypt Horrors and Haunters lurk in the shadows like immortal guardians, ready to seize entire corpses. This box gives you an instant collection of gorgeous Flesh-eater Courts figurines, which you can assemble and play right away in your Warhammer Age of Sigmar games! You'll receive a Terrorgheist, three Crypt Horrors, a kit of ten Crypt Ghouls, plus an exclusive Warscroll Battalion Battalion Flesh-eater Courts to collect, assemble and play your new figurines without delay!

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