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Space Wolves Upgrades

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From the frigid world of Fenris, the Space Wolves sail through the StarFish. These noble savages do not follow the teachings of Codex Astartes, but they prefer the traditions established by their Primarch, Leman Russ. Above all, they appreciate honour, courage and warlike value. Heroes, flying ships and uncompromising tales of bravery are what the armies of the Space Wolves are doing.

Fully compatible with the full range of Space Marines plastic kits, this upgrade pack contains a cluster of pieces that will delight Space Wolves fans. These are the following eighteen components:
Ten Space Wolves shoulder pads (Great Company of Ragnar)
A bare head of Space Wolf Sergeant
A Space Wolf Sergeant/Captain helmet
A Space Wolf back with wolf skin
A Space Wolf back packing
A double-edged Space Wolf chainsaw sword
A Space Wolf Frost Axe
Two Space Wolves back icons

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