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Space Marines - Storm Speeder

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The Hailstrike is so heavily armed that it can annihilate entire groups of infantrymen under heavy fire. Running over the battlefield, its specialized equipment disperses the formations that load, and lacerates barricades or other defenses.

A Storm Speeder Hailstrike gives your Space Marines collection extra anti-personnel power. Choose this version of Storm Speeder if you're up against armies such as the Orks or Genestealer Cults, or any force with large, unprotected units.

This 94-component plastic kit assembles a Storm Speeder Hailstrike armed with two Fragstorm grenade launchers, a gatling Onslaught gun and a paired Ironhail machine gun. You can mount the weapon platform so that it's mobile - intimidate your opponents by pointing your heaviest weapon straight at its units!

The kit instead allows you to assemble a Storm Speeder Hammerstrike or a Storm Speeder Thunderstrike. It comes with a 90mm Citadel round base and a flying rod.

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