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Space Marines - Bladeguard Veterans

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Bladeguards veterans are warriors who advance inexorably, wielding their blades, like the noble knights of legends. Detached from the 1st Company of their Chapter, each of these seasoned Space Marines fought over countless worlds to defend the Imperium.

Lead the charge with these close combat masters. Each is armed with a master energy sword and a Storm shield. An option is to promote a squad member to the rank of sergeant. The kit also offers a variety of heads, shields, pistols and holster variants, as well as a plasma pistol and an optional neo-volkite pistol for the sergeant. These veterans bleached under the harnois are all-wheeled of the best armor, which look great in the colors of any Chapter.

This 78-component plastic kit assembles three Bladeguards Veterans. It comes with three 40mm Citadel round pedestals and an Ultramarine infantry decal board.

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