mighty-games-Codex: Death Guard
  • mighty-games-Codex: Death Guard
  • mighty-games-Codex: Death Guard
  • mighty-games-Codex: Death Guard
  • mighty-games-Codex: Death Guard

FR Codex: Death Guard

  • The must-read book for Death Guard fans

  • 29 technical sheets covering units accessible to a Death Guard army

  • Contains WarLord Traits, Relics, Custom Crusade Rules, and more

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The Death Guard includes the greatest champions of the Plague God, Grandfather Nurgle, and his favorites among all those who spread his gifts prodigiously. They show signs of it: gaping and suppurating wounds forever; corrosive miasms and foul-smelling gas that surround the elect of Nurgle wherever they go; lamprey-mouthed ticks hanging from their rotten flesh; plague flies whirring on the battlefields they survey and in the ships that carry them between the stars.

The Death Guard as an army offers a canvas suitable for modeling and painting. Each figure is teeming with despicable and fascinating details that bear witness to Nurgle's benefits, and how the Lord of Decay's infections spread. It's an opportunity to build a force that catches the eye and revulses your stomachs, terrifies your enemies and is awfully solid on the battlefield. This book is the ultimate guide to the Death Guard, it presents both an in-depth history and the rules for playing it at Warhammer 40,000.

You will find in this book:

The context of the reunification of Mortarion and the Death Guard during the Great Crusade, the shift into heresy, and the process that the Death Guard underwent under the Rule of the Destroyer of Nurgle.
Information about the structure of the Death Guard as organized from Horus' Heresy, and how its cohesion helps it to wage war on the entire galaxy.
Incredible photographs of units, individual figurines and armies staged in a setting, alone or in battle.
The technical sheets of all units that a Death Guard army can line up.
The Stratagems, Warlord Traits, relics and other psychic powers specific to the Death Guard.
In-depth Crusade rules to detail and develop your strength as it infects the galaxy.
"And much more!

Technical fact sheet