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  • mighty-games-Battletome: Sylvaneth
  • mighty-games-Battletome: Sylvaneth

FR Battletome: Sylvaneth

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Key Features Take advantage of your Sylvaneths' allegiance skills. Discover the history of the long-time protectors of the Mortal Kingdoms. Learn the tricks to collect and paint your army. Learn more
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Spiritual singing swells, and the Sylvaneths go to war! Unleash the green power of nature with the Battletome: Sylvaneth - your guide to the eternal protectors of nature in the Mortal Kingdoms. This 104-page soft-covered book introduces you to the history of the Sylvaneths, forest spirits with terrifying power that kill anyone who desecrates their land. You will discover how Alarielle resurrected, how the great Sylvaneths House are structured, and how they differ from one Kingdom to another. In addition, a wide range of rules offers you countless ways to play your Sylvaneths collection. Allegiance skills give you bonuses when you line up dedicated sylvaneth forces, while the rules of several legendary factions allow you to model your army according to your style of play - from the elite forces of Kurnoth Hunters to the Dryads in tight rows. Battalion charters reward you if you play certain combinations of figurines, while the rules for creating for Glory tapes and Sylvaneth missions will accompany you for your first games. This battletom is also a source of choice for collectors, with tips for dealing with details such as shimmering blades or realistic-looking bark, plus a gallery of Citadel figurines painted by virtuosos to inspire you for your collection. This battletom contains:- An illustrated narrative that explores the history of the Sylvaneths, and their current way of fighting- A gallery of masterfully painted figurines - Painting tips with varied examples of bark colors, foliage and weapons for Oakenbrow, Gnarlroot, Heartwood, Ironbark, Winterleaf, Dreadwood and Harvestboon - including skin and blade variants, details to paint Alarielle the Everqueen , and much more- Sylvaneths' allegiance skills, including a battle-line board (including rules for deploying hidden units in reserve), two arrays of command traits, four arrays of power artifacts, and the Great Wood Domain Spell Array- 6 Battalion Charters to align various combinations of figurines - 16 unit charters, 3 persistent spell charts , and a landscape chart for the Awakened Wyldwood- Rowed battle profiles for all units, persistent spells, and the Wyldwood Awakened described in this battletome, including minimum and maximum unit sizes, point values and tactical roles.

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