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FR Battletome: Skaven

Key Features Strengthen your army with powerful allegiance skills Use the unique powers of the six Great Clans Master spells, artifacts and battalion charters Read more
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Red eyes and sharp teeth glow in the dark. A dreadful chirping is long overdue, and then they spring from the darkness - the Skavens are there to undermine the foundations of the Mortal Kingdoms! The Battletome: Skaven is your guide to discovering the evil ratmen who gnaw at the very fabric of reality. Servants of the chaos deity known as the Great Horned Rat, these sinister beings seek to undermine the Mortal Kingdoms, with their brute cunning, countless numbers and strange inventions as weapons of conquest. In this 128-page battletomy under soft cover, you will learn the history of the Skavens in the Mortal Kingdoms - from their origins in Vile-Ville to their role in the War of Souls, all illustrated in a striking and evocative way. You will also discover their clans and the brutal behind-the-scenes of skaven society. The battletomy then describes how the skaven tide makes war, through battalion charters, as well as all the unit charters needed to align a ratman force on the game table. You can mix all kinds of skaven clans as you please to form an army according to your preferences - to crush the enemy under hordes of Clanrats, to volatile it with the terrible technology of the Malefoudre-armed Stormfiends, or to tear it up with the vile monsters born of occult science like the Hell Pit Abominations. All this fights under the orders of the devious, devious and manipulative members of the Master! Battletome: Skaven lets you customize skaven chefs with a selection of malepierre artifacts and twisted witchcraft. Their spells fall under the Ruin Domain, a range of sinister curses, and the Galvanic Maletension Domain, an occult art that strengthens Skryre units and is used to incinerate your enemies. The book doubles as a valuable source for collectors, filled with examples of various color schemes to inspire you for your projects, as well as painting tips. The Rules For Glory and the two missions included section will help you organize and play your first games with this sneaky army. You will find in the book: - Allegiance skills for the Skavens, including a range of battle traits, 6 types of power artifacts, and 6 types of command traits - 2 spell domains - the Ruin Domain (for use by the Grey Seers) and the Galvanic Maletension Domain (for the use of Skryre Clan Wizards) - 2 Battle Plans - Rules For Glory , with the rules of creating skaven tape adapted to For Glory, and reward tables for champions and supporters - 8 battalion charters - 40 unit charters, 3 Persistent Sort charters and a charter for the Gnawhole skaven decor element - Rowed battle profiles for all the persistent units and spells described in this battletome Whether you're starting a new army or bringing your classic collection to the battlefields of the Deadly Kingdoms , this battletome is for you.

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