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  • mighty-games-Battletome: Nighthaunt
  • mighty-games-Battletome: Nighthaunt
  • mighty-games-Battletome: Nighthaunt

FR Battletome: Nighthaunt

Key Features The Essential Book for Nighthaunts Collectors The Domain of the Subworlds, Spell List for Nighthaunt Wizards 21 Unit Charters including 3 Persistent Spells and 8 Battalion Charters More
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An indomitable malevolent will has awakened an ancient terror. Not content to haunt the limits of civilization, phantasmagorical forces come together to form spectral armies. It is no longer a question of haunting, but of attacking life to destroy it. From the depths of Shyish, the Kingdom of Death, a storm of ethereal creatures emerges. These ghosts fight to send new souls into the black regions from which they come, taking cruel pleasure in knowing the torments that await their victims... The Battletome: 64-page Soft-covered Nighthaunt contains: - What Haunts The Night: A presentation of the Nighthaunts, their motivations, their processions and the growing threat they pose to all that lives; - The Dead Without Rest: the detail of the black and forbidden arts of necromancy - the creation and enslavement of new undead; - It Comes By Here Some Cursed: a major change has swept through the Mortal Kingdoms - necroseism, the unexpected effect of Nagash's great design, unleashed a insane wave of occult power, which has aroused billions of ghosts, souls who attack with blind hatred all that lives; - A detailed description of Shyish, the Kingdom of Death: the domain of the Great Necromancer Nagash, and the source of countless spectral horrors; - Chronicles of Terror: a chronology of important events and battles in the history of the Nighthaunts, through the Age of Myths, the Age of Chaos and the Age of Sigmar, to the present day; - Spectrum Processions: organized at the behest of Nagash and under the direction of Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief, these are the structures of the armies of Nighthaunts; - The description and history of all the characters and units accessible to the armies of Nighthaunts; - Amazement and Dread: an example of procession, with an annotated photograph that explains how this army was formed and how it will fight; - A gallery of masterfully painted Citadel figurines, with an army example and complete painting tips from experts. They are illustrated with many examples and techniques, which show you how to represent the blue or green spectral effect of spirits, fabrics, corroded metals, brass, evil flames, the brilliance of candles and lanterns, with guides on the details of bone or wood, and how to make very gloomy tombstones. Rules Here you'll find all the rules you need to parse your Nighthaunt army at the gaming table: - 21 Charters of Unity, describing all the figurines of the Nighthaunt faction, including 3 Charters of Persistent Spells - Shyish Reaper, Vault of Souls and Mortalis Terminexus - to use with Malign Sorcery; - Allegiance Abilities evoking the warlike methods of the Nighthaunts - including Command Traits, Battle Traits, Rules for Resuscitating Losses and 3 Different Types of Power Artifacts; - The Domain of the Subworlds: a list of spells for nighthaunt wizards; - A battle plan, with the objectives of both sides, the deployment map, the special rules and the conditions of victory; - The rules for creating a Band of Nighthaunts for Glory Campaigns, including a Champion Rewards Table and a Partisan Rewards Table; - 8 Battalion Charters confer advantages when playing certain combinations of figurines; - Row Battle profiles for all units described in this Battletome, including unit sizes, point values and tactical roles, as well as faction keywords for Allies.

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