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FR Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts

Key Features Discover the dark history of the Flesh-eater Courts Master the skills of allegiance, spells and battalion charters updated See your army to the Great Courts to benefit from powerful skills Read more
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Linked to the madness of their monarchs, the Flesh-eater Courts are pouring into the land in search of their next macabre feast. The Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts is your comprehensive guide to collecting and playing the monstrous cannibals of the Flesh-eater Courts. In the grip of a profound illusion, these involuntary lackeys of Death think they are noble warriors and knights—when in reality they are only degenerate and murderous savages. In this 88-page battletomy under soft cover, you will learn the history of the Flesh-eater Courts within the Mortal Kingdoms, from their forgotten origin as aristocratic courts to their fierce battles in the War of Souls, all illustrated in a dark and sumptuous style. You will discover how their strange society works, a vile parody of a royal court having taken a particularly macabre turn. The battletom describes how the Flesh-eater Courts wage war, through battalion charters and all the unit charters needed to line up an army of cannibals on the game table - from the tight and frantic ranks of Crypt Ghouls to colossal monsters such as the Royal Zombie Dragon. You'll be able to customize your army of Flesh-eater Courts with a range of allegiance skills, including the rules of different Great Courts, to dedicate your Bites to one of the legendary flesh-eater courts. The Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts allows you to individualize your champions with an assortment of sinister artifacts, plus a bloody spell domain to increase the awful vigour of your units. The rules for Glory and special missions included are perfect for learning how to play your army, while collectors will appreciate the gallery of masterfully painted figurines, variations of color schemes and painting tricks, all sources of inspiration for your own army. This book contains: - 13 charters of unity, 3 charters of persistent fate and a charter for the décor element of Charnel Throne - 9 battalion charters granting bonuses to themed armies - The Domain of Madness - special spells for the wizards of the Flesh-eater Courts - History, allegiance skills, command traits and power artifacts of each of the following Great Courts : Morgaunt, Hollowmourne, Blisterskin, and Gristlegore - A gallery of beautifully painted Citadel figurines to inspire you in your works - Row battle profiles for all units If you want to conquer the Deadly Kingdoms with black magic, sinister tricks and the force of savagery, this is the army you need!

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