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FR Battletome Destruction: Sons of Behemat

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The titanic Sons of Behemat are strong enough to smother dragons, break down castel walls and uproot centuries-old oak trees. When they attack by entire tribes, no enemy can stop them, they flatten the infantry and beat the monsters to death. Anyone who opposes their will receives a rain of rocks before the Gargants storm, colossal and roaring fiercely their triumph achieved by brute and blind force.

The Battletome: Sons of Behemat is your guide to the most titanic of The Warhammer Age of Sigmar armies, in which soldiers are GARGANTS and officers of the GARGANTS ENCORE MORE BIG! In this grimoire, you will discover the hidden history of the Gargants in the Mortal Kingdoms, from their origin linked to the animal god Behemat to their role as mercenaries in the Great Alliances. Striking illustrations bring the world of Sons of Behemat to life and inspire your own collection! When you're ready to line up your army, you'll have as references splendid photographs, conversion guides and painting tips. Moreover, the rules of various tribes of Gargants allow you to configure your army, or even add a Mega-Gargant to any force, whether you have sworn allegiance to the Order, Chaos, Death or Destruction!

This 80-page book under hardcover contains:
- A story of the Sons of Behemat, starting with the exploits of their mythical sire, the animal god Behemat
- Painting guides on the skin tones and color schemes of the gargantuan people
- The pledges of the Sons of Behemat, with additional rules for the Crushers, the Rafeter tribes and the Tribes of Breakers
- Contains the rules of The Mercary Mega-Gargants, which allow any Warhammer Age of Sigmar player to add Mega-Gargants to their armies
- Unit charters and battle profiles rank for all the figures in the Sons of Behemat range.

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