mighty-games-Easy to Build: Dreadblade Harrows
  • mighty-games-Easy to Build: Dreadblade Harrows
  • mighty-games-Easy to Build: Dreadblade Harrows
  • mighty-games-Easy to Build: Dreadblade Harrows
  • mighty-games-Easy to Build: Dreadblade Harrows

Easy to Build: Dreadblade Harrows


Key Features Ethereal Champions on Spectral Characters These bitter knights can disappear and reappear at will Two nesting figurines molded in turquoise plastic - no need for glue! Learn more

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The Dreadblade Harrows are the subordinates of the Knights of Shrouds. During their lifetime, these ghosts witnessed the betrayal of their leader without intervening for good or ill. Even for Nighthaunts, the Dreadblade Harrows are particularly ghostly entities that, perched on their spectral destrier, can disappear and reappear at leisure. They are bitter Knights of Regret and, in battle, serve as bodyguards and lieutenants, or are seconded as scouts. Riding their mounts, they pass out in the mist before being seen galloping through the air toward their next goal-eliminate the weak, cut off the road to the defeated warriors, and all sorts of other abject tasks. Designed to be as easy as possible for new hobbyists while being detailed enough to appeal to the most demanding veterans, this kit makes it easy to assemble two Dreadblade Harrows. To be followed, without necessary bonding, it is disarmingly easy to assemble and it is molded in turquoise plastic. The Dreadblade Harrows are a duo of spectral knights that are hardly less immaterial than the other Nighthaunts, but by no means less sinister. They are each armed with a affrelame that they brandish with their right hand, while from the left they tighten the reins of their mounts - one studded, the other crafted. There is not much else to distinguish from the Harrows themselves, other than their skulls glimpsed under their cloaks. Their frames are massive and muscular, their torn skin shows their ribs, and their head boils down to a skull. The rump of the mounts ends in a wake of ethereal steam, as if the Harrows were emerging from nothingness to storm. This kit comes in 12 nesting components, plus 2 60mm textured oval plinths, decorated with graveyard debris in the Nighthaunt theme.

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