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Crypt Ghast Broker - Crypt Ghouls

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Captains whistling biting, the Crypt Ghast Brokers come and go between the pale ranks of the Royal Army to supervise the cannibal formations. They push the Ghouls to rush in increasing numbers in the fray, while looking for macabre trophies to bestow on their deserving "men". Crypt Ghast Brokers are small but crucial elements of any Flesh-eater Courts army. They fight alongside your Crypt Ghouls, and if they hit hard in the melee, their real role is support. They can bring figurines back into your Crypt Ghouls units, while giving them additional attacks, to make it a real wall of death that regenerates! This kit allows you to assemble a Crypt Ghast Broker. You can also ride a crypt Ghouls unit with the so-called kit, taking advantage of the options to customize them: carnivore facies, greedy greenhouses, and other broken bones. This plastic kit assembles 20 figurines, and comes with 20 25mm round plinths.

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