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Blood Angels - Death Company Intercessors

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All the Blood Angels lost hope over the arrival of the Space Marines Primaris provided to the Chapter by Roboute Guilliman, when one of them succumbed to Black Rage. It is solemnly that the affected brethren are transferred to the Company of Death, for once released on the battlefield, their strength combined with the fervor of the Black Rage offers a terrifying spectacle.

This plastic kit contains the components needed to assemble five Intercessors from the Blood Angels Death Company. All are equipped with bolter rifles to be mounted according to either of the 3 variants - standard bolter rifle with curved magazine, automatic bolter rifle with loader case and overload, or Bolter Stalker rifle with straight magazine and long-range aiming optics. The kit also includes a cluster of Primaris Blood Angels Enhancements, to enhance your figurines with Blood Angels heraldic and iconography.

This kit comes with 5 32mm Citadel round pedestals and a decal board for Primaris Blood Angels Infantry.

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