This is Maxime, the multi-hatted handyman. If we were in the world of Cthulhu or Men in Black, he would always be a being with multiple arms (or tentacles) because he is able to manage several things at the same time.

But that's not all! He is also a connoisseur of 'big' board games. If he's not co-leading operations, he's certainly assembling his Warhammer miniatures, printing miniatures in his 3D printing lab or playing a BIG game.

Then there's Eph, the board game guru and the best co-worker the world has ever known. It's simple, he knows all the games, sends you your parcels on time and if he has time left over, makes little drawings for the shop. Simply put, without Eph "Mighty Games" would be "Tiny Games".

Do you have a question? Ask Eph!

And as for him, if he's not preparing your orders or informing customers, he's probably in his den playing some BIG game too.

Last but not least (because as the saying goes, we often save the best for the end), is Sergio. Simply put, he's the big teddy bear. But don't be fooled by his shaggy appearance, he's very sweet and loves to talk (and talking he will!).

If he's not running the shop from the backstage, he's probably painting his minis or tinkering with something else. It's simple, he simply cannot stand still and he's always doing something! When you see him in the shop, don't hesitate to ask him about Warhammer or "how to paint a miniature". He has been in the hobby for over 20 years and will be more than happy to help you.

As you can see, at Mighty Games we are like a big family. Mighty Games does not simply sell you "products". We see ourselves more as providers of fun & entertainment and above all, advice. Mighty Games is a team of enthusiasts at your service and at the service of the community since 2017.

During the week and on weekends, you are welcome to come into the shop to play or just to have a look around.

We promise that at Mighty Games, you will feel at home (or actually a better version of your playing/gaming room at home) so come and say hello !