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Unlock! Secret Adventures, three new scenarios

After the success of the first two installments, Unlock!, the 2017 Golden Ace of the Cannes Games Festival, returns with three new adventures. Like its predecessors, Unlock! Secret Adventures offers three new and independent puzzles. In this box:
  • A Noside Story: In this adventure, you will be confronted with an old acquaintance, Professor Noside. The latter has a new Machiavellian plan to undermine the region. It's up to you to stop it in time.
  • Tombstone Express: A dive into the Wild West, with this mysterious plot featuring a precious cargo carried by a locomotive.
  • Raiders of the Land of Oz: Rediscover the land of Oz, a mythical setting for American literature. Take on the fearsome witch of the West and return to Kansas in the allotted time.

Unlock! Secret Adventures, a cooperative escape game

Unlock! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms. Escape rooms are rooms you have to escape in less than 60 minutes. Unlock! makes you live these experiences at home, around a table.
After reading the context of the scenario, you begin your adventure in a room (a location map that shows various numbers). Search it for items! Warning: some can be hidden! Visual or audio puzzles slow your progress. It's up to you to cooperate with your partners to move forward and finish on time.

Unlock! Secret Adventures, an interactive game

The free Unlock! app, compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets, is required to play. It allows you to get clues, to spot hidden objects, but also to enter the codes discovered. It also contributes to the atmosphere with its music dedicated to each adventure, its audio puzzles, its terrible penalties and its fatal countdown!
In order to understand the rules, the box contains a dozen cards used as a tutorial.

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