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This war of mine, a game adapted from the video game

You are in Pogoren, a city besieged by violent clashes between rebel units and the national army. With the help of other players, you will have to manage a small group of civilians holed up in a house, trying to survive the atrocities of a war that is beyond them. Your one and only objective is to get these citizens to keep alive until the ceasefire.

This war of mine, a survival game

The game takes place in a succession of rounds, divided themselves into two phases of play: day and night.

During the day, for example, characters can look for wood, search the house or go out.

At night, citizens can decide to sleep, watch the house or explore the city. The night is a time when all dangers reign. Unfortunately, this is also the perfect time to bring back food or objects useful for the defense. In case of exploration, players should be careful to be vigilant and silent. The conflict has made the streets inhospitable and clashes are everywhere. Too noisy movements could trigger fighting.

The actions are conditioned by the physical condition of the characters. The siege is trying, during the game civilians can encounter many problems, which can lead in the worst case to death.

This war of mine, a narrative game

Throughout the game, players will have to refer to the script book. These narrative passages will provide players with all the elements to analyze a situation or to know the psychological state of the characters. They will also be very effective in getting players into the heart of the action. This notebook gives This war of mine a great power of immersion.

This game is not recommended for 18-year-olds due to the violence of certain passages.

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