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The ancient reptilian civilization of the Sarens has been extinct for millions of years. They knew how to control time, matter and travel through galaxies.

The remnants of this civilization plunged into oblivion are spread all over the planet Heos and are full of relics with powers defying the imagination. Expeditions have embarked on this archaeological race on behalf of powerful factions and their members will use all their abilities to achieve their goals.

For the prophecy is that when enough relics have been found, a dimensional portal will open to visit the moon Win, to know the Secret of the Sarens.

The Secret of the Sarens is a card game that stages the confrontation of two teams in search of Sarens relics. The player whose expedition has found the most relics wins the game.

  • 2 camps compete to find the Sarens relics. So you can play 1 against 1, 2 against 2 or 3 against 3.
  • Not all cards are visible, so it's all about balancing bluffing with using cards.
  • Power cards will only reveal their power in combination with other cards in the game. The experience will allow you to exploit them efficiently.

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