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In 323 BC, Alexander III of Macedonia dies at the age of 33 years while leaving behind him an empire which extends from Macedonia to the valley of Indus. The problem of its succession is going to be immediately posed and the empire of Alexander is going to be quickly torn by those which one will call later the diadoques...

Successors comes (in terms of publishing chronology) after Hannibal & Hamilcar, which was voted best wargame 2018 and best history game 2019. It takes up the main principles, namely: play cards either for the event represented on the card or for the operational points it grants.

In Successors, these cards are of 3 types.

    Event card: you play either the event or the operational points allocated.

    Surprise card: can be played at any time, including during the opponent's turn. It also allows you to draw a new card.

    Bonus card: the operational points AND the event are played.

Phases of the game :

    Turn Order Phase: the player with the fewest VPs designates who goes first.

    Usurper Designation Phase: The player with the most VPs is designated Usurper.

    Reinforcement Phase: Skip this phase on the first turn. Tyche Phase: Each player receives 5 Tyche cards.

    Strategic Phases: Each player in turn performs the following actions:

    Surrender: place CPs, sieges and submissions,

    Play 1 Tyche card,

    Move the generals,


    Isolation Phase

End of turn: check if one of the 4 victory conditions is met by a player. By reaching a number of victory points determined according to the number of players. By having the most victory points at the end of the 5 game rounds. By making one of Alexander's two sons ascend to the throne while having a higher total of victory points and legitimacy than all other players. By reaching 18 points of legitimacy.

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