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New version of Skyjo that adds action cards and wild cards. In Skyjo, each player has 12 cards in a 3x4 model, two of them are visible, all the others are hidden. In turn, you can take the card from the top of the discard or draw from the pile. You can exchange a card (hidden or open) from your display with it or discard the drawn card to flip a card face up. If you line up the same number 3 times online or in columns, you can discard the cards. The round ends when a player has only open cards. All cards will be revealed and points will be added for each player (cards are ranked from -2 to 12). The game ends when a player reaches 100 points or more. Whoever has the lowest score wins. Action cards allow you to make special moves:

- Swap cards in your table
- Swapping cards between players
- Stealing an action card
- Do two laps in a row

You get an action card every time you put or reveal a joker in your chart, or you can take an action card instead of a normal move. Jokers facilitate the collection of sets and are very valuable sets in themselves (-10 or -15 points).

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