mighty-games-Nightmare Horror Adventures - Bienvenue au Manoir Crafton
  • mighty-games-Nightmare Horror Adventures - Bienvenue au Manoir Crafton
  • mighty-games-Nightmare Horror Adventures - Bienvenue au Manoir Crafton

FR Nightmare Horror Adventures - Bienvenue au Manoir Crafton

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Welcome to Crafton Mansion

You are the youngest generation of the aristocratic Crafton family. Together with your parents, uncles, aunts, and grandfather Harry you grew up in a beautiful, secluded country house that has been in possession of the family for centuries. Your youth was happy and prosperous – your family’s wealth ensured that you were lacking in nothing.

But as all good things come to an end, so did your happy childhood, 15 years ago – an end that was so abrupt, terrible and traumatising that it has been wiped from your memory completely. The images of that horrible night are still seared into your brains: the burnt-down garden shed, the charred remains of the adult members of your family, and the flashing lights of the police cars in which you were taken away. The police were never able to solve the case, but there was one crucial piece of evidence: a missing body. It seemed one of the adults locked all the others in the garden shed before setting it on fire. Unfortunately, the bodies were burnt beyond recognition, making it impossible to ascertain their identities… along with the identity of the family member who got away.

Following that terrible night you were each placed with different foster carers and gradually lost touch with each other. This 15-year long radio silence was suddenly broken last week when you received a letter from Johnny – your oldest cousin. Johnny wrote that he was never able to put your parents’ murder out of his mind. He claimed to have developed a research method that will allow him to uncover the murderer’s identity. Unfortunately, he is still missing some important information: your repressed memories. That’s why he has asked you all to return for a reunion to the place of the crime: Crafton Mansion.

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