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FR Mysterium - Secret Lies

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The Haunted Manor hides a troubled past...

The Warwick Manor is struggling to regain its tranquillity, despite the efforts of the psychics, the ghost's soul is not at peace. Conrad Mac Dowell, an astrologer and owner of the mansion, looked at the shadows surrounding the case. What he discovered is... Confusing. Disturbing events unfolded just before the ghost died. What if it's all connected?

Psychics will have to unite and investigate new suspects, places, objects and, for the first time, strange events. Fire, drowning, inheritance, lies, so many incidents that may not be... With new visions, the ghost will be able to help them discover the secrets that surround the mansion during a new spiritualism session.

Mysterium, the cooperative and asymmetrical investigative game returns with a second expansion: Mysterium Secrets and Lies. 6 people, 6 locations and 6 objects can create configurations of new parts, the ghost also has 42 additional visions. The 19 cards (including 1 promotional card, for the first edition only) story can replace the objects and offer a new way to play.

Come in, take a seat and let your sixth sense guide you!

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