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FR My City - Shape Your Own City

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After a long journey, you finally reach a new territory that seems conducive to the construction and development of your city. You don't waste time and you immediately embark on this ambitious project.

Shape your own city!

The game consists of 24 episodes, beginning with the development of a city in its early pre-industrial stages and progressing towards industrialization. During each game, players customize their experience by adding items to their personal game board and adding cards to the game. Player choices and actions during a game session affect the next session, creating a personalized gaming experience.
For players who don't want to experience My City's "Legacy," a dual-sided game board offers an alternative setup to play in a classic way (some elements of the scalable experience are required for the repeatable game, players can unlock these elements by playing the first 4 episodes). Melt and develop your city in a thrilling scalable game that keeps your game choices in part! With My City, live an exceptional gaming experience in which your decisions are committed to the long term!
Through 24 episodes rich in events, you will be at the origin of the birth of your city and write its history, making it evolve from its first stone to its full industrialization. With each new chapter, the contents of a sealed envelope introduce new game elements and challenge you!

A fluid and dynamic turn of play

In My City, players play simultaneously. The first card of the construction deck is revealed, and each player must place the building depicted on his personal game board. You will obviously have to respect the installation constraints, and try to position your buildings in such a way as to generate maximum points. Many combinations are possible, so players will have to optimize each new construction.
Over the course of the episodes, new buildings are revealed and the game board is modified by stickers, witnesses to the evolution of the environment as the city develops.
And once the adventure is over... Replay! My City offers a separate mode from the scalable campaign to play again and again!

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