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FR Munchkin 5 - On Zeu Ranger Again

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We zeu lurks again, again... (Wow there too it's all color! 'tin cha bôô) ...)

A brand new class of munchkin: the Ranger! Now you can tame the monsters and turn them into mounts! But do not believe that this extension is limited to this class, however bigbill and overpowering it may be...
"Treasures! Go in search of the fine hairbone stone, give your Mount a little Tuning and fill your Heavy Weapon with Holy Sparkling Water!
"Monsters!" Watch out for the Scout, The Chickenergeist and the Undead Clowns!
Levels! Make the DOJ laugh at making him spit soda through the nose holes or just kill the conversation to win a level!

It's time for you to go back to "on zeu lurking." The prowler: all the bigotry of a prestigious class without having to break your feet with the interpretation of a role! Munchkin 5 is a Munchkin extension of 112 cards.

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