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FR Munchkin 4 - Your Destiny is Sellé!

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Great heroes need unique mounts to go into battle. And the real bigbills, the pure juice munchkins, need mounts with excessive powers. This box will make their wildest dreams come true. Gallop in the dungeon on the Tiger, the Dragon, the giant mutant Gerbille (illustrated by a special guest, Shaenon K. Garrity, creator of the webcomic Narbonic), the Eagle or... Chicken... Each of them has the kind of unlikely power
Munchkin has accustomed you! Designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, Your Fate is Saddled contains 112 additional cards that will be added to the famous game of dungeon looting, monster killing and demonstration of bigbillism. This package also contains a host of Faithful Servants, who look a lot like Star Munchkin's Acolytes, while remaining quite unique and unpublished! Take these priceless characters
with you, use their special powers and sacrifice them to save your skin! Or better yet: zigzag someone else's Faithful Servant. That's a real munchkin tactic!
This box is an extension of the Munchkin game. The basic box is
necessary to play.

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