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You will assume the role of leader of a small clan of brave warriors, competing to win the Crown Lands of Discord.

Your mercenaries provide you with dice, which you will use to perform actions using a "worker placement" mechanism.

In the Citadel, your dice allow you to upgrade your clan, acquire hunting tools, shields, potions, poisons, mercenaries, and more. The timing of your roll of the dice and the type of dice you use affects you and both other players.

Outside, your dice become combat tools. You use them in missions and battles to try to defeat monsters or reclaim the land. If you plan your throws well, you'll have several ways to manipulate your dice results and increase your chances of success.

You can't just hope to have lucky jets to snatch the crown, you'll have to carefully manage your resources and do good planning to succeed. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

Monster Lands is a competitive dice placement game that combines resource management, worker placement and fun combat.

A refreshing mix of euro-style planning and unpredictable adventure that targets a wide audience of mid- to expert players.

It's not a Purist Euro game, it's played fast and intuitively, but it has a wide variety of options and components. The colorful work attracts uninitiated players.

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