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"They have always traveled the world of Iwari. Never again have they embodied his spirit and shaped his lands. They are the guardians of the land. Five Titans who make the cosmos breathe. On Iwari, there are no swarming masses, no civilizations on the scale of the continent. Humanity is in its infancy, living in tribes scattered in the forest, tundra and desert. We have now left our ancestral lands to explore the vast unexplored regions, meet other tribes and exchange knowledge, culture and wisdom. During our journey, we all live in harmony with the Titans, and although they are far from us, it is they who decide our fate. And yet, we are the only ones who do not know whether they created us, or whether we created them."

In the game, players use cards for two different actions:

1) Place tents and spread their colonies in five different regions on the game board and score points on each territory.

2) Build natural totems to bond with the Titans by placing them on regions and score points based on the totem majorities in adjacent territories. During the course of the game, players can complete missions that grant small advantages and score points by having the majority of totems in each territory after the first map cycle is completed.

At the end of the game, the majority of tents will be counted again, as well as the natural totem majorities in two adjacent regions and localities that the players have created (i.e. four or more tents in an uninterrupted sequence along one of the roads on the board).

Iwari re-imagines Michael Schacht's award-winning Web of Power game by adding new layers of strategy, tribe player boards, different maps with their own set of rules, modules that can be added to the game .

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