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"That the old house had a harmful influence, he could not deny it; but the traces of his morbid curiosity from the beginning held him there. He told himself that only fever was responsible for his nocturnal chimeras, and that the end of access would free him from the monstrous visions. »

- H.P. Lovecraft, The Witch's House

The trail you followed in your investigation of the charity gala organized by the Silver Twilight Lodge left you with more questions than answers, and the subsequent events even made you question your mental health. First this enigmatic reading of tarot cards by a mysterious fortune teller, then the disappearances and what you saw in the woods... none of this is possible.

Worse, it seems that you have attracted the attention of the Silver Twilight Lodge. Its members are just as determined as you are that your team of investigators will investigate these disappearances, but what are their real motivations? How close will you get to the truth before you get caught in their nets? The only way to find out is to continue, but it will take the nose in Arkham's past.

The Secret Name contains Scenario III of Campaign 4: The Broken Circle.

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