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EN Horizon Zero Dawn

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In this semi-cooperative board game for 1-4 players, work alongside your hunting party to track and defeat machines for glory. Discover and trade resources to upgrade your equipment. And level up your skills to prepare for the final hunt! Fellow hunters are your allies, but also your competition. Only the most cunning and skilful can rise through the ranks to eternal glory. For those who fail? Anonymity awaits. 

Bring Horizon Zero Dawn™ to life on your tabletop with highly detailed miniature hunters and machines! 


4x Hunters (Nora Marksman, Carja Warrior, Banuk Survivor, Oseram Forgesmith) 

4x Watchers 

4x Striders 

4x Grazers 

4x Scrappers 

2x Shell-Walkers 

2x Sawtooths 

All the cards, tokens, dice, tiles and rules you'll need to play.

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