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FR Hippocrates - Kickstarter Edition

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Hippocrates' disciples save patients in ancient Greece to fulfill his legacy...

Travel to Greece in 370 BC on the island of Kos. Hippocrates has just passed away and this leads to many doubts about the continuation of his medical activities. As one of his successors, you lead a team of doctors to continue treating patients in the temple of Asclepius, later known as the first hospital in history. Be the good successor of Hippocrates and increase your reputation, so that patients from all over the Mediterranean will come in hopes of receiving the best treatment.

The game lasts four rounds, each round being divided into five phases:

1. Kalosorisma - Each player takes up to three patients into their hospital. You must select your patients carefully as all patients need urgent help, and some may be easier to treat than others, but be sure to help the most needy or you will lose your reputation as a doctor.

2. Pliromi - You must pay your doctors or they will leave.

3. Stratologisi - In this phase, players try to hire new doctors and buy medicine kits. If a player gets both, he gets a bonus.

4. Therapeia - Now it's time to treat patients. Players must be careful and match the right patients with the right doctors to maximize their assets.

5. Exis - Players count victory and reputation points, and prepare the board for the next round.

Hippocrates combines bidding, tile placement, resource management and more to create an exciting mix that will challenge each player to manage their patients to the best of their ability and try to become the worthy successor to Hippocrates.

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