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The life of a bellboy in the sumptuous, hushed corridors of Hellton Palace is not always easy!

In Hellton Palace, crucial decisions must be made every minute. Refusing to serve a customer is obviously a risk of irritating him and damaging the hotel's reputation. But then again, to meet their expectations is to open the door to their over-enthusiasm and implicitly encourage them to wreck the hotel...

And when the guests are deities and legendary creatures of all kinds, it can do a lot of damage. Somewhere, in the depths of the world, not far from the River Styx and the Elysian Fields, a bellboy is about to knock on the door of a room. And he's scared. Your objective: Buy time for your opponent to lose!

The very mention of this victory condition delights you, let's face it!

Host hellish guests and hire bellboys to serve them.

Choose to either not satisfy your guests (and accept the negative effects) or satisfy them (and accept the negative, but different, effects as well). When the guests have methodically and diligently trashed the place, the last hotel standing wins the game. Simple, you see? What could go wrong? Host your Guests with your team!

Choose your guests and position them according to the floor they wish to be placed on! Your team of Grooms will also be there to help you satisfy your customers, for a fee of course...

Your strategy will be to place and welcome the customers who will be the most convenient for your hotel and those who could be useful for your opponent.

To satisfy or not to satisfy, that is the question...

It's time to go in front of your guests' rooms! During this step, you will move your Groom from room to room to take care of your new little guests...

It's up to you to decide if you want to serve them or not for your own benefit and if you really want to collect the rent from your residents!

The end of the game will be triggered when one of the 2 players goes bankrupt!

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