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In a very distant future, Excavation Earth proposes a new vision of our planet.

Excavation Earth asks itself: if extraterrestrial races discovered our planet centuries later, what would they think of it?

What objects or remnants of "human" civilization would be valuable to them?

Play as alien explorers and become the richest by selling artifacts at the right time while manipulating the different markets or collecting collections to sell to museums at the end of the game!

A century from now, all that's left of humanity are the piles of trash and detritus we've left on a ruined Earth. But one man's trash is another man's treasure!

The alien factions of the Union of Free Races, a pan-galactic federation, have a penchant for the remnants of lost civilizations, considering them the highest form of art. When they discover Earth, a gold rush ensues as each race jostles for the greatest art treasures.

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