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FR Catan the basic game

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Catan, an exploration game

It is up to you to explore the island of Catania. Take control of as many territories as possible by building villages, towns, ports and roads. Make the most of the resources of this island so welcoming while shopping with your neighbors. But watch out for the black robber. The presence of this terrible knight haunts the island and can dampen your ardor as colonizers.

Catan, a multifaceted game

Catan is a game where different aspects of board play are intertwined. To impose yourself, you will need to be both a good manager and an excellent negotiator and a seasoned builder. Roll the dice and collect the resources you need to implement your strategy. But that's not all, exchange your resources via trade with your competitors or shipping. Then use the necessary resources to lay your hand on the island of Catania.

Catan, a classic of the board game

You will be immediately won over by this game whose mechanics are fluid and well thought out. The rules are simple and offer short parts. This game, sold millions of copies worldwide, is the standard bearer of a new way of playing.

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