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Bonfires are sources of light, energy and heat. created by light keepers to illuminate cities.

However, the inhabitants take them for granted, and the exploit for personal profit. Disappointed, the Guardians of the The lights went out and let the bonfires go out. The inhabitants were forced to leave, as they could no longer live in the now obscure cities. Play as a group of gnomes living not far from the cities, make them visit to the Guardians of the Light on their sacred islands, and Ask them for assignments to prove your goodwill. For each task accomplished, they will rekindle a bonfire! 


The game is a succession of turns played clockwise. At the along the game, you will move your checkers, place your tiles and manage your your Resources. Receive and accomplish Missions: a Mission accomplished serves to rekindle 1 Brazier and send 1 Novice (gnome) into the High Council. In your turn, choose to place a Fate tile to earn Action tiles, to solve an action to move your ship, receive a mission, build a path for the processions of the Guardians, trigger a Procession or recruit a gnome, or to rekindle an inferno. 

Also place your novices in the High Council.Depending on the number of players, the number of Novice players placed will trigger the end of the game and the final account. Earn points for each of your Braziers, for each of your Guardians on a Brazier, for each of your Portals connected to a Brazier, for each of your tiles Chemin presenting a Crystal of the same color as the bound Brazier, for each Mission of the Council that you can accomplish. The player with the most victory points wins the game.

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