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Bla5t (Blast) Extinction contains the original Bla5t game, as well as a few additions: new rules, a pack of additional cards (new heroes, new monsters, new Bosses and... A Super Villain!), to give a new dimension to the game.
A few years ago there was a gigantic and mysterious explosion. The survivors called it "The Blast" and since then, nothing is the same...
In a world where creatures are now more wacky than each other, you and a handful of other young explorers in your village will have to prove your worth by going to face the abominations of the old power plant. Your goal? Survive this perilous expedition, escape the most dangerous monsters and be the first to return to the village with proof of your courage: whether it's the critters you've squirmed or powerful heroes you've unleashed.
Bla5t is a game for young and old playable anywhere and anytime! You'll need to show memory and a bit of strategy to put together the best cards while preventing your opponents from getting there before you do.

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