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Play as the Vassallis, powerful beings destined for greatness, and discover the secrets of your lineage and destiny. 

Battle the forces of darkness, uncover political intrigue, and discover the price of maintaining your humanity in a ruthless world!

Experience a game that emphasizes player interaction, immersive atmosphere and storytelling. Enjoy the intuitive and light rules, which help you tell a good story.

Awaken is a dark fantasy role-playing game mixing Slavic and Mediterranean folklore.

In this mature, non-Manichean game, characters navigate between heroism and horror, hope and fatalism.

Make secret alliances, unravel or foment conspiracies, explore unknown territories, confront terrifying creatures!

The Awaken core book is a full-colour, 216-page, richly illustrated hardcover book. It contains :

A war-torn Dark Fantasy world inspired by Slavic and Mediterranean folklore.

A complete game system with intuitive rules to support the story.

Simple character creation rules and guidance for leaders, including sample antagonists.

A scenario with pre-started characters that provide the perfect introduction to the Awaken universe.

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