mighty-games-Texture - stirland battlemire
  • mighty-games-Texture - stirland battlemire

Texture - stirland battlemire

This stirland Battlemire jar contains 24ml of acrylic paint containing microbeads to spread easily and evenly over the underlayer of the base of your figurines.
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Citadel Texture paint is designed to quickly and efficiently design the base decorations of your figurines. Deposited on a black or white underlay, it spreads easily on the pedestals thanks to the microbeads it contains. Its fluid formula produces regular surfaces that are suitable for getting a kneaded mud on your pedestals, and to easily make footprints or caterpillars. This paint is a non-toxic water-based acrylic, designed to be used on plastic, metal or resin figurines. Each jar contains 24ml of Texture paint.