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Spider Serum

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Spider Serum

Create your cobweb with tangled plastic filaments. You will get a very realistic spider web to give your decorations, models and dioramas an aged effect.

Valid only for airbrush

CONTENU: This offer includes a 10ml jar of spider serum.

USE: Shake well before use to ensure a good mix. Use directly from the jar to the airbrush, without thinners or thinners, as they could affect the resulting product. We recommend using airbrush drops powers to launch the product, 1.5-2Bars, for airbrushes of 0.3 or more, and a distance to the model of about 30cm, so too much power or being too close could take away the previous cobwebs.

We recommend doing some testing before applying the product to the final model, which will allow us to control the intensity with which the cobwebs come out and thus adjust the power, and distance. The treated area will be covered with cobwebs.

CLEANING AND CONSERVATION: Clean the airbrush immediately after each use, for this we recommend the special Spider Serum cleanser.

RESISTANCE AND DURABILITY: The spider web will be as hard as a tissue paper, especially 1-2 days after it has been created since the filaments will be completely hardened. The cobwebs will have an infinite duration in your game miniatures as long as you don't pass your fingers through the cobweb, which can also break other parts of the miniature.

SECURITY: Flammable liquids and vapours similar to several airbrush thinners and thinners that are marketed. Not recommended for children under 12. It should not be used by children without adult supervision. Read the label of the warning instructions.

Use within 6 months of purchase.