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Serum Spider Cleaner

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Serum Spider Cleaner

The Cleansing Serum is a suitable solvent mixture for the airbrush, which will allow you to do a thorough cleaning of your airbrush in general and also remove any possible residual plastic filament from the cobwebs. In addition, it will work as a thinner for your Spider Serum.

Use immediately after the Spider Serum to eliminate any remaining. In addition, it is perfect for cleaning your airbrush carefully, but if used in excess, it can slightly damage its rubber components.

CONTENU: This offer includes a 10ml jar of spider serum cleanser.

WARNING: Keep children out of reach. Flammable liquids and vapours. The cleanser may cause drowsiness or dizziness. Repeated exposure can cause drying or cracking of the skin.

Use within 6 months of purchase.