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Sacristan Forgeshrine

This box contains everything you need to assemble a Sacristan Forgeshrine and include it in your Warhammer 40,000 parts.
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Deployed on the front line of a battle, a Sacristan Forgeshrine is a vital support relay for Knights spears. Crucial rituals were performed there, with the Forgeshrin Auto-Sacristain providing repairs, refuelling and refills of Shieldbreaker missiles to the noble pilots. This plastic kit contains the components needed to assemble a Sacristan Forgeshrine - a Sector Mechanicus décor element that gives Imperial Knights advantages in battle. Compatible with all other Sector Mechanicus set design kits, it's modular and expandable at your leisure, and consists of 4 clusters of Sector Mechanicus components: A bunch of Sacristan Forgeshrine, including a control post with locations for 2 fusion batteries that can be inserted or removed at leisure, a console with keyboard and screen, 2 pipes, a welder's arm , a toolbox and a fire extinguisher; A soil cluster, with 2 sections of soil, 6 connecting plates, 4 end plates and a skull-shaped crane to hang under any section; A cluster of pillars, with 4 sets of pillars, 4 sets of pipes to add under the ground sections, 2 ladders and a winch; A tank cluster, with the structure of the central tank and two chimneys, plus 7 pipe caps and a short curved driving section. This kit comes in 54 components. The rules for using it in warhammer 40,000 games can be found in codex: Imperial Knights.