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Citadel: Middenland Grass Tufts

Decorate your figurines with green plinths and decorations with these 200 tufts of herbs of various sizes, to be glued to the painted supports.
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In the warhammer universe, Middenland grass is renowned for its verdoyance. Decorate your figurine pedestals or decorations by using these tufts of grass to make your own landscapes! These blades of grass are arranged in the form of 200 tufts of different sizes, ranging from a few strands to large clods. These tufts of grass are presented on a sheet of dimensions 210 x 148 mm (or 8.3 x 5.8 inches). In addition, they are designed to fit on vertical supports, especially to enhance the realism of your figurines, giving an extra dimension to your pedestals. It is recommended to use PVA glue to fix them after painting your figurines.