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Citadel Assembly Handle


Dilute Liquid Green Stuff for the finish of your figurine modifications: when dry, file to obtain a regular finish.

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The Citadel Assembly Handle is the perfect tool for assembling our most complex figures to hold the components firmly in place while the glue dries. Sometimes you have to hold a tiny component in place for several minutes while the glue takes - this tool has flexible spring bits that can be steered into almost any position with their kneecap joints, which frees you from holding the part and allows you to continue to de-fatten the following components. These bits can also be used to keep components insulated so you can paint them separately!

The handle itself is identical to our Citadel Painter Handle, and features a spring-loaded mechanism that can accommodate round plinths of up to 40mm or ovals of up to 60mm - once the glue is dry, you just need to detach the bits and use the handle to hold the figure firmly to paint!