mighty-games-Citadel: Mixed Base Pack 2
  • mighty-games-Citadel: Mixed Base Pack 2

Citadel: Mixed Base Pack 2

This pack contains 23 Citadel pedestals of 4 different sizes, to use to give a stable and solid base to your figurines!
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Citadel: Mixed Base Pack 2 This pack contains a set of 23 Citadel plinths of 4 different sizes: 5 round pedestals of 40 mm 5 round pedestals of 25 mm 5 oval plinths of 35 x 60 mm 3 oval plinths of 52 x 90 mm Each base provides a stable seating for your figurines. You can paint them or decorate them with accessories according to your convenience and the atmosphere of your army.

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